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Family owned and operated Brass Foundry company Nosek s.r.o. with more then twenty years of tradition, has provided high-quality brass casting for many valuable customers and architectual buildings around the country and the World. Our crafstmen with more then 100 years of combined experience,offer you the superior quality knowleadge in speciality in BRASS and WHITE BRASS CASTING.

Handles, Door handles, Artwork

All the handles and products are hand made based on traditional mixture formulas. Any door handle sets can be made in following combinations as handle – handle, handle – door knob, handle – locking handle or any other type requested by the customer. We specialize at very rare material mixture of WHITE BRASS. Our products have life-time of over 100 years and are very resistant for abrasion. There is wide range of sortiment offered, so for you as a customer, you can choose from a range of products that will suit your needs. Our handles and hardware can be custom made based on your wishes and requirements for design and materials.

Why our handles and hardware?

  • More then 20 years, we have experience in manufacturing handles,fittings and hardware
  • Our handles and products are made with our traditional mixture formulas
  • We will make products or any combinations based on your ideas
  • We do installations for all of our products we make
  • Current owner has been in the brass foundry casting for more then 45 years.
  • We specialize in very rare WHITE BRASS

What we offer

Material that we use are as follows:

  • brass
  • white brass
  • aluminium

Type of products we make

  • Furniture hardware
  • Door knobs and handles
  • Window handles and „T“ handles
  • Euro handles
  • Hand rail components and more

Additional services that we offer:

  • rebuilding of handles and fittings
  • dissasembly of hardware and window handles
  • installations for all of our products
  • restaurations of original fittings incl. all atypical work